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Mitsubishi Vacuum Cleaner Suction Excavator Saugbagger

136 530 € (TTC)

111 000 € (HT)


136 530 € (TTC)

111 000 € (HT)

Y compris 23,00% TVA (Pologne)

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Date immatriculation06/2010
TransmissionBoîte manuelle
Kilométrage37 400 km
Norme antipollutionEuro5
Année de fabrication2010
Formule des roues4x2
CatégorieCamion de nettoyage




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MITSUBISHI CANTER Vacuum Cleaner Suction Saugbagger Excavator Powders CITY SAUGER ESE 7.5-H an excavator suction loose materials

Year of production 2010
Mileage 37 400 km


Hydrostatmax drive system.
Volume flow 11300 m3 / h max.
Vacuum 14.855 Pa
Container cyclone separator 1.1 m³
Side discharge container tilting
Compressed air installation 2.2 m3 / min, 7 bar,
Filter system 22 filters
PLC control and radio remote control
Suction depth 10 m
Suction distance 30 m

RSP City 7.5 is optimally used on construction sites in the area of ​​pavements, narrow streets and marketplaces in the city center. Due to the low tare weight, even pedestrian zones can be negotiated without damage.
The city vacuum cleaner has a telescopic hose holder with a maximum reach of 3.55 m and a range of movement of 180 degrees.
The 150 mm diameter suction hose is made of particularly strong abrasion
made of solid material. Thanks to the 1.1 m³ collector's side hinged collection bin, the spoil can be dumped directly into a large sack.

It is used for industrial cleaning, with a suction excavator it is possible to remove large amounts of materials deposited in silos, tanks and halls.
It is applicable in the following areas:
cleaning tanks and silos from the accumulated medium,
cleaning tanks, settling tanks from residual sludge and sediment,
cleaning of filtration chambers, pumping stations, of accumulated sludge
cleaning of open and closed surfaces, e.g. ducts, boilers, silos,
industrial equipment and machinery, filtration chambers and separators

The device can be used for renovation of sewage systems without the risk of damaging underground installations. A conventional excavator can damage them. Sometimes it is necessary to pick the soil manually with shovels. Meanwhile, the excavator sucks the soil from between pipes and cables, pulling even large stones without damaging any installations.
Below are further examples of suction excavator applications:
- removal, replacement of filter beds, gravel, sand, activated carbon, catalytic beds, etc.
- removal of used chemical catalysts
- removal of accumulated medium from tanks and silos
- cleaning tanks, settling tanks from residual sludge and sediment
- cleaning of filtration chambers, pumping stations, of accumulated sludge
- cleaning of open and closed surfaces, e.g. sewers, silo boilers, industrial devices.
- removal of railway crushed stone
- excavations in hard-to-reach places
- excavations in places where we have a problem with high density of all installations and the fear of damaging them

Suction excavators can significantly reduce the time required for removal
all kinds of materials, located in places where it is not possible
the use of other mechanical devices.

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A car in a sensational technical condition!
100% accident-free!


-we take care of credit and leasing formalities
- simplified procedures 0% of the first deposit
-and newly opened companies
-as well as customers entered into the KRD and BIG


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+48 661 615 124 (POL)

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MITSUBISHI CANTER odkurzacz koparka ssąca substancje sypkie CITY SAUGER ESE 7.5-H 

koparka ssąca substancje sypkie materiały 

Rok produkcji 2010
Przebieg 37400 km


System napędowy Hydrostatmax. 
Strumień objętości 11300 m3 / h maks. 
Podciśnienie 14,855 Pa 
Pojemnik separator cyklonowy 1,1 m³ 
Pojemnik opróżnianie boczne przechylanie
Instalacja sprężonego powietrza 2,2 m3 / min, 7 bar , 
System filtrów 22 filtry
Sterowanie PLC i zdalne sterowanie radiowe
Głębokość ssania 10 m
Odległość zasysania 30 m

RSP City 7.5 jest optymalnie stosowany na placach budowy w obszarze chodników, wąskich uliczek i targowisk w centrum miasta. Dzięki niewielkiej masie własnej nawet strefy dla pieszych można pokonywać bez uszkodzeń.
Odkurzacz miejski posiada teleskopowy uchwyt na wąż o maksymalnym zasięgu 3,55 m i zakresie ruchu 180 stopni.
Wąż ssący o średnicy 150 mm wykonany jest ze szczególnie silnej abrazji
wykonany z solidnego materiału. Dzięki odchylanemu bocznie pojemnikowi zbierającemu o pojemności 1,1 m³, urobek można wysypać bezpośrednio do dużego worka


+48 697 070 670 (ENG.RUS.POL) WhatsApp and Viber
+48 661 615 124 (POL)

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