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Chrysler Imperial

199 000 € (TTC)


199 000 € (TTC)

TVA non récupérable

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Un véhicule est uniquement considéré comme 'non accidenté' si le vendeur est en mesure de fournir la preuve irréfutable que le véhicule n'a jamais subi de dégât (important) lors d'un accident.

Non accidenté, Occasion

Date immatriculation05/1968
TransmissionBoîte automatique
Kilométrage56 000 km
Puissance265 kW (360 Ch DIN)
Cylindrée7 200 ccm
Nombre de places6
Nombre de portes4/5
Nombre de propriétaires du véhicule2
Équipements intérieursTout cuir, Noir
Sliding doorPorte coulissante deux côtés
CatégorieBerline, Voiture de collection
État du véhiculeNon accidenté


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Presidential Limousine Ex-Omar Bongo Ondimba!!!

Imperial Le Baron with its serial number YH43K8C271245, model year 1968, was manufactured on a special order through Chrysler-Simca Automobiles of France as the only specimen of European and simultaneously presidential version in a special modification. The vehicle was order for the president of the Gabonese republic for his representative rides in Paris while visiting French presidents or meeting heads of other countries, primarily in order to sign oil contracts. This majestic car, which was manufactured in the amount of 1852 pieces for the American market and from which only this one from the European market has French specification, meaning yellow headlights, speedometer in kilometres and a custom-made “wall” with electrically operated glass dividing the driver and security guard from passengers seated in the back of the car. Both spaces are of course connected together via microphone. The vehicle is equipped with premium extras for its time, such as electrically operated seats, windows, ventilating triangles and automatic heat control in the cabin using electronic air-conditioning. Simultaneously Imperial Le Baron was considered as the most powerful luxurious limousine of the world and with its parameters and price it was able to compete with concurrence, with top models of Lincoln and Cadillac and regarding the American timelessness and the power of the US in the second half of sixties, European concurrence could not compete with this vehicle. The car has the most powerful V8 engine from Chrysler concern with engine capacity of 7,2L, engine power of 385hp and 651Nm of torque. It is constructed on a C-Body platform and has monumental size and power. The unladen kerb mass exceeds 2400 kg, it reaches the maximum speed above 200 km/h, it was supposed to be the longest saloon of the world and Imperial, as the flagship of Chrysler company, produced only 15 367 Imperials back in 1968 in Detroit. The manufacturer Imperial was famous for celebrities of that time, it was popular within mafia, captains of industry, presidents as well as dictators. At the funeral of J.F.K. you could see Jacqueline Kennedy in her own personal Imperial. Gerard Ford, the president of the US, used basically only this automobile brand as well as Nelson Rockefeller. Imperials are also known from a popular trilogy Godfather, in which they are used by the main character Michael Corleone (Al Pacino).

To be more specific, this Imperial is one of the most well-preserved flagship Imperial of the world and is one of the most famous also; it is after a very powerful owner Omar Bongo Ondimba, who demonstrated his power with this car. He was one of the biggest oil magnate of the history. A famous video record captured his meeting with Charles de Gaulle in Élysée Palace and his speech saying that Gabon without France is like a car without a driver, but France without Gabon is like a car without fuel. Omar Bongo had historically one of the longest governments and he ordered this car immediately after his appointment and used it till his death in 2009. From 2013 the car is located in Prague in a private collection of Mr. Filip Turek, president of the Czech Jaguar Club, classic car collector, investor and formula racer. Imperial Le Baron is still used within short journeys and has undergone a very gentle three-year reconstruction, while all fundamental elements of the car are unique, original and in an untouched condition. The car was awarded with a prestigious first place as the most beautiful and precious exhibit of Legendy 2019 from more than 1000 displayed cars. It is also known from media: television channels and it was mentioned in many articles in magazine Týden and others. Thanks to the perfect combination of a significant model year, the most exclusive version, performance, incredible condition and provably political history with still valid presidential registration number it really is one of the most valuable Imperial globally and an authentic memorial of power from the sixties.

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Filip Turek

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Filip Turek

CZ-16900 Prag République tchèque